Saturday, May 16, 2009


I will be leaving for South America in 8 days. This is wild. I hope to return a better dancer and fluent in Spanish! : ) But honestly, I think this experience will be very stretching as I am going somewhere I've never been that speaks a language I am not fully comfortable speaking, and I will be staying with people I have never met. I am so blessed to be going with my roommate and some other good friends, and I believe in a God that transcends geography, time zone, and language.

I've started reading the Bible in Spanish. That's simply beautiful. I love to read it out loud and in the Argentine accent. How cool is it to hear the word of God in another language!!

Anyway - I'll be writing here while I'm in South America (mostly Argentina, but also Chile and Uruguay). I won't have a computer, so I have no idea how often this will be updated, but I'll do my best.

To do before I leave (this list is not complete):

-get contacts
-get sunglasses
-buy some clothing items
-check that all medications I'll take are legal there
-buy toiletries
-get a phone?
-let bank know where I'm going
-locate my passport (kind of a big deal)
-get a map of BA (Buenos Aires = the capital city of Argentina)
-get CS Lewis books to read (in Spanish? LOL)
-locate my textbook
-read articles
-make copies
-write my outstanding paper
-learn about the education system in Argentina
-learn Spanish, or practice at least
-say goodbyes

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