Wednesday, May 27, 2009

I lied.  It is actually freezing.  
We are very busy.  We get coffee at 8am and then there are things (classes, misson work, dance lessons etc) until dinner which can be as late as 11:30.
We eat TONS of meat.  I have probably eaten an entire cow already.  for reals!
We are still at the Kairos mission center and will meet our families next week
I spent part of yesterday in Buenos Aires.  The city is beautiful and there are people EVERYWHERE!  we had to take a train, bus and several subways to get back here.  It's WILD!
Things are so cheap compared to the US.  A dozen roses is maybe a dollar and fifty cents.
I am pretty overwhelmed trying to understand everyone's Spanish and learning so much so quickly.  I LOVE singing worship in Spanish and reading the Bible.   It's hard though to make this transition.  Thankfully, God is close and transcends language.  I love Him.  SO MUCH!  and I love you too.  adios!


  1. woo hoo! i love this blog. praying for you Michelle.

  2. Lol! Im glad to hear you didn't pack all those winter clothes for nothing!!! I can't get the image of you eating a whole cow out of my head lol...

  3. I am now 21st century !!! entrant to the Blog world. Michelle, you'll be glad to know I "googled" it. We are so excited for the amazing journey you are on!! Keep us posted!! and let Laurie know her mom wants to hear her voice!!! Joanne and I now have an Agentinian Moms connection..... Adios PS. Cows are friends not food!!

  4. Buy yourself a dozen roses for me! I miss you, but I'm so glad you're there! I can't wait to hear all your stories when you get back... we can make Argentinian coffee or something, look at pictures, and swap whatever crazy, ridiculous, fantastic stories that come into existence this summer! Love you - Jess