Saturday, June 27, 2009

Before leaving for Argentina I remember talking to my mom and saying how I was really excited to get to know the group of students from Wheaton who will be here. I told her that there was one girl in the group that just kinda rubbed me the wrong way, and I couldn´t put my finger on it, but I thought it was that she intimidated me. Anyway, it just so happened (coincidence - I think not) the other day that the group I was in split apart and I found myself sitting in a coffee shop with this same girl to do homework before we needed to be somewhere in 2 hours. We had planned to study and write some of our papers, but ended up talking for 2 hours over coffee and medialunas. We shared our hopes and fears and stories of things God has done in our lives and lessons we´ve learned through the years. It was amazing. One of those talks where you come away refreshed and envigorated. What a joy to begin a relationship with this sweet girl! Of course it was God who orquestrated this coffee date. I am still learning about the damage that can be done when we form opinions about others and don´t take the time to get to know them and better understand. I almost missed out on getting to know this friend. There are applications for this lesson all over. I went to a Pentecostal church service the other day. And the lady everyone was staring at on the bus because of the ¨strange¨things she was doing. I really want to allow God to change my thoughts, to humble me so that I can look at His people through new eyes that love regardless and yearn to understand.

In other news. I went to Iguazu Falls today. The most beautiful thing I have ever seen in my life. Words can not describe the majesty of God displayed here. We leave in about 2 hours on a 24 hour bus ride back to Buenos Aires. One more week there with my family, and then off to Southern Chile. Half of our group will be traveling with a band to various churches to do projects and give concerts. I am excited about the group thats going and what God will do with this great opportunity!

There is a boy here who asked for my email, and my friend is trying very hard to set us up. She told him that he has 8 days to win my heart since we leave soon. Haha! we will see. . . .

Today I stood in Argentina but could see both Paruguay and Brasil, so now I´ve ¨seen¨ the majority of the South American countries! : )

I really miss my family. They are the best and I can´t wait to see them again.

Love and besos from Argentina!

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  1. Michelle, We miss you BIG TIME!! Can't wait to hear stories and see those pictures!! Now we are wondering where you will be in Chili, Keep us posted. What a precious gift each new friend is!! Treasure them !!!MOM and Dad and Daniel