Thursday, June 18, 2009

Greetings from Uruguay! Went to Rosario, Argentina last weekend, we´re in Uruguay now, and next weekend we head to Igyazu (def spelled that wrong) Falls. Yep - we´re really busy. During the week is class and life with families. I love it here. On Wed after class and lunch (I have this new goal to always order things from the menu that I don´t recognize, so I ate a ham sandwich on pumpkin instead of bread!) I went with a couple friends to a really nice coffe shop and had a submarino. It is basically a huge glass of hot milk and cream and then a big bar of chocolate is dropped in like a sub - AMAZING! : )

In other news - my hair is short now. Prepare yourselfs. I like it, but it´s taking some getting used to.

I also rode on a motorcycle the other day, which was pretty fun. I screamed a lot and the whole town of Pacheco, Arg came out of their houses to see what was up.

As I walk home every day from the bus stop, I see this group of 5 black cats in the same spot every day. It´s weird. I don´t know why I´m writing this, but there you go. I decided that rather than be scared by a black cat, I would try to scare THEM instead. It´s kinda comical. : )

Anyway, I´ve been thinking a lot today. I´ve heard the stories of many people during my time here. They are just like the stories of people in the States - stories of loss, broken hearts, abuse, addiction, poverty, hopeless . . . Life isn´t always hot milk and chocolate. This morning I needed to be at the ferry station at 8am to catch the boat to Uruguay. Since I live so far from the city, I needed to leave my house before 6am. I knew it would be pitch black outside, and not entirely safe. A man who lives at Kairos accompanied me the whole way to the boat station. It was so incredibly kind of him to do. He didn´t need to, but did out of the kindness of his heart. He watched out for me and my safety on the crowed train, and as we passed through a rough neighborhood. As we traveled, he told me bits and pieces of his ¨story¨. He has not had an easy life, and has been through so much. Anyway, long story short, I met up with the group and he left. A girl from the Wheaton group began to tell me her opinion of this guy, my friend, based on his rough appearance and her impressions. The words she spoke cut me and brought tears to my eyes. I started to think about how many times we make judgements on others, voice our opinions, think thoughts, without knowing their stories. Who am I to have an opinion on others. My awesome God loves them. I need to just shower them in love as well. And listen. This experience has changed me. Hopefully, you can also take something away from it. . . .

Anyway - my thoughts here are scattered, but maybe you can make some sense of them. I´m sure I´ve said this before, but I am learning not only Spanish, but also about people and culture and life. For every day here, I wish I had 5 to process, but I´m doing the best I can with what I have. I am so blessed to be here and have this experience. It´s not always fun and it isn´t easy, but it is good. I am so blessed with the friends I am making. Real, true friends. It will be terribly hard to leave them. I´m just gonna keep living in each moment - it´s the only way. I love you all and miss you. God bless.



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