Wednesday, June 10, 2009

I am sitting here with my friend - that´s right - I have legit Argentine friends now!!! : ) It´s pretty cool. I´m getting to know two girls named Kayla and Celeste, and they are gifts from God. It is also so cool to get to know the family that is the community that lives and works here at Kairos. Christian men and women in all different places in life who are incredibly loving and lovable.

Saturday I spent the day with my family and then went to the Argentine soccer game in the huge stadium in Buenos Aires. It was wild. There was so much energy and noise and they WON! Such an incredible experience.

On Sunday I went to my first asado which is like an Argentine barbeque. The meat was cooking on the grill-thing, and it was more meat than I have ever seen at one time in my life. I helped prepare food with the women, we ate, and then out came the guitar and singing and mate. It was so sweet. Then I went to church with Kayla and my family. You all should have seen my face when I chugged my ¨cup¨at communion and realized that it was real wine, and not this grape juice stuff. : )

Classes are good. The transportation to and from school is long, but worth it. It is so fun to go to class, eat new food out for lunch and then spend the rest of the day with friends in the city.

My Spanish is improving A LOT. It isn´t easy and is discouraging at times, but this is so good. I am getting a lot better at understanding, and speaking as well. I am to the point where I don´t always have to think before I speak now, which sounds wierd, but is a very good thing. : )

Yesterday I babysat for the children in my family while the parents went to a class. They had never had anyone other than their grandparents stay with the children before. We had tons of fun. I love these little ones, and it is getting easier to communicate with them. The funny story is that after they had been asleep for 2 hours, and I had been working on homework I decided to shower so I could go to bed. Within minutes of my becoming soaking wet and soapy the little girl started screaming in here sleep, and I went to her, dripping. In retrospect, it is funny . . .

Anyway, I´m outta time. God is good. I love this city, and the darling people. Wish i could write more. I have so many stories. Praise God because my left eye started swelling up again (don´t know if you remember when this happened before), and the swelling is gone now! Tomorrow we leave for a weekend trip. On Monday I am going to bake chocolate chip cookies with my family! They are very excited.

I love you all. Hope you are well. Be good. Know that you are loved and in my thoughts and prayers. Goodbye for now . . .

Un Besito,



  1. Mimo - its still funny :)

  2. YOUR EYE!!!! lol it's officially cursed. Beautiful. But cursed none the less...
    I Love you!!!